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Managed IT

Worry-Free Technology.

Our competitive prices let you control your IT budget while providing unmatched expertise, attentive service, and guaranteed satisfaction. We can manage all of your IT needs or just a few. You choose the services you want at the budget you set.

Our business is all about the end-user experience. When we started in 1981, small computers were called microcomputers and I knew that these powerful machines were the future of computing. Today that has never been more true, and delivering on the promise of technology starts with the end user.

President and CEO, Electronic Office
 – Kemper Brown,

Experience a higher level of service with our network support plans.

Electronic Office’s support plans offer a set of comprehensive IT management services at a predictable and affordable monthly cost. Our plans provide first-class IT support and a sophisticated set of IT management tools to ensure your systems are available when you need them. You get all of this without a huge upfront investment or committing to long-term contracts. Our technology allows us to proactively prevent issues before they turn into problems. We have teams of certified engineers and technicians delivering high levels of IT support from our network operations center on a 24/7 basis.

Electronic Office believes that proactive monitoring and preventative maintenance are the cornerstones of managing your IT infrastructure. We work towards making your systems work optimally. This includes:

  • hardware infrastructure planning and procurement
  • network support and service
  • project oversight

The Benefits of Our Managed IT Services

Electronic Office provides affordable, expert service by utilizing a blend of remote management tools, help desk support, and local onsite professionals. Our managed IT services are a proactive solution that identifies potential problems and resolves incidents that impact business productivity. Utilizing our technology platform, we monitor your networks and systems 24/7/365. We gather real-time data, generating instant alerts to identify harmful events, and provide immediate remediation to mitigate downtime and loss of productivity.

  • Reduced downtime and security risks for networks, servers and workstations
  • Your IT issues are proactively identified and resolved 24/7/365
  • You decide our level of participation to fit your needs and budget
  • Predictable budgeted costs
  • Access to world-class experts
  • Vendor management and client advocacy
  • Increased stability to your company’s network

Desktop and Laptop Management

You want your staff to have what they need so they can do their jobs well. This is one of the top IT challenges that faces any business. Well-functioning desktop and laptop computers give you the means to smooth operations and support your business’ success. Our proactive maintenance, comprehensive virus and malware protection, and responsive help desk let workers steer clear of technical problems and proceed with the job at hand.

Server Management

Your servers are the core of your IT system. You count on them to operate at 100 percent efficiency. With our proactive monitoring, patching, and maintenance, we give you the peace of mind that your servers are healthy and your data is secure.

Network Management

Avoid problems before they arise by maintaining your network components. Preventive support saves you time and money by optimizing your network’s performance and keeping risk to a minimum. We are there when you need us, with prompt response and outstanding customer service. Through our reliable network management, you can be assured that your network is solid and your business is supported.

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