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How Secure Are You Feeling Today?

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Our clients can sleep well at night because we never do. That objective was stress-tested by COVID-19 which turned the workplace upside down.

Reliable work-from-home solutions that kept data safe and productivity high were implemented quickly. EO delivered uninterrupted support, and for almost every one of our clients, a new normal was achieved.

We are proud of our contributions to help our clients sleep better at night during the pandemic even though we all were humbled by the broader impact on our lives. Yet, even as we recover, cybersecurity is our new nightmare.

Hospital workers served as the front line of defense during the pandemic. Our team is reminded every day that they are the front line of defense against the insidious viruses that want to invade our clients’ networks. We are not actually saving lives, we understand that, but our sense of responsibility to support those who do, is clear.

This is a good time to remind ourselves about why we come to work each day: To be the trusted technology advisor of each client we serve.

Today, our mission statement must be defined by an unwavering commitment to protect our clients’ sense of security.


  • It is not enough for a client to feel secure that we will fix their systems if they get breached. Our Network Operations Center is the “emergency room” and we are heavily invested here.
  • It is not enough for a client to feel that their odds of getting sick are low because of the systems we have in place. Preventative best-practices are instituted into everything we do.
  • That’s not enough. Our goal is for our clients to feel the kind of security that lets them sleep well at night. The kind of security that lets their business charge forward bravely because they are not looking over their shoulder wondering where the next security breach might come from.

The world of cybersecurity is never 100% certain and the good guys are always playing catch-up. That’s why EO never rests in our pursuit of protecting our clients’ most valuable assets. Our track record for delivering cybersecurity results for our clients is best-in-class. Downtime for our clients due to a security breach is below .001%.

Our clients understand the value of their digital assets and they trust their peace of mind to us. In turn, we provide best-of-breed training and advanced security tools to protect our clients from a myriad of cyber maladies.

What is your opinion? How secure do you feel? Drop us a line (below) to learn more about how you can protect yourself and your organization.

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