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Electronic Office CEO Kemper Brown, Jr. talks cybersecurity on WLOS

Electronic Office CEO, Kemper Brown, Jr. was recently featured on News 13 WLOS for a story highlighting a recent cybersecurity warning from Gov. Roy Cooper due to increased tensions with Iran.

“Iran has a history of attacking U.S. targets,” Electronic Office CEO Kemper Brown Jr. said.

Iran isn’t the only bad actor individuals and organizations should be worrying about.

“Attacks come from all corners of the world and not just the Iranians, and they come quite regularly. Both small organizations, large organizations and individuals really need to be vigilant,” Brown said.

Patching systems for vulnerabilities, thinking before you click on potential suspicious emails, and having a plan if you get attacked are all ways to protect yourself. Electronic Office works with companies local and across the globe to keep them protected and up-to-date on emerging technology and security practices.

For the original story, please visit: https://wlos.com/news/local/wnc-cybersecurity-experts-urge-people-to-fix-system-vulnerabilities-quickly

Gov. Roy Cooper’s announcement can be found here: https://governor.nc.gov/news/gov-cooper-urges-public-pay-attention-potential-cyberthreats  

Not feeling confident about your organization’s data security?  Don’t wait until it is too late! Contact Electronic Office at 828-274-1196 or info@electronicoffice.net to learn how we can protect you and your organization today.

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