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Company News: Our Commitment to the Lifesaving Work of Mission Health

At Electronic Office, we strive to be a good neighbor in our hometown of Asheville, NC. One way that we show our commitment is through charitable giving. Our relationship with Mission Health has been going strong for more than 30 years because we have seen the enormous positive impact they have on the people of Western North Carolina. We were recently honored at Mission’s Mountains of Hope event and by a visit and presentation by Mission Health’s CIO Jon Brown.

Electronic Office Mission Health award

Mission’s State-of-the-Art Virtual Care Centers

Because of our region’s mountainous terrain, rural physician shortages, and other disparities and barriers, many families and communities are isolated from reliable healthcare. Mission Health is poised to launch a transformative network of Virtual Care Centers, which would help hospitals and health systems utilize physicians more efficiently, connect specialists to rural physicians or hospitals, and improve patient access to care. Virtual care will help:

  1. Prevent disease
  2. Educate our community
  3. Assist in the management of chronic diseases prevalent in the WNC population
  4. Expand care sites to patient homes
  5. Improve access to primary and specialty providers across WNC
  6. Drive healthcare value-improvement through consumer connectivity
  7. Disseminate discoveries for the benefit of care improvement across the nation

Our Investment in Mission’s Success

This year, the employees of Electronic Office made a five-year commitment to support Mission Health. Our gift directly supports the Virtual Care Centers of the Center for Advanced Virtual Care. These state-of-the-art Virtual Care Centers will ensure that WNC residents have access to healthcare services when and where they need them.

Thank You, Mission Health!

We applaud Mission Health on their vision and action. We believe in these innovative solutions to enhance timely and convenient access to healthcare for the rural communities of WNC. Thank you, Mission Health! We are honored to support you.

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