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Kaplan CFO Featured Referral Partner

Electronic Office has recently been featured as a Referral Partner of Kaplan CFO Solutions. We are honored by this distinction and appreciate the kind words of Ken Kaplan below.

“Kemper Brown and his team at the Electronic Office are experienced, reliable IT professionals. Not only are they a trusted referral partner, Kaplan CFO has used them extensively for IT and systems maintenance. Our relationship delivers great value. When they say they are available 24/7, they really mean it.”

Ken Kaplan

Kaplan CFO Solutions is a cohesive team of experienced Chief Financial Officers, working side-by-side with small- to mid-sized business owners across western NC, eastern TN and the Upstate. Their partners are a key part of your management team, working on-site to implement and guide the day-to-day efforts and long-term strategies that keep you moving forward, giving you everything you expect from a seasoned, full-time CFO…and more.

“We pride ourselves on partnering with best of breed professional firms such as Kaplan CFO.”

Kemper Brown, Jr.

Please visit Kaplan CFO’s website at: to learn how they can be a valuable asset to your organization.

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Remote Work Questions? Electronic Office has answers!

As you adapt and adjust your workplace and business in response to the evolving COVID-19 situation Electronic Office is here to help. We remain steadfast in our resolve to not only maintain critical operations and support, but also to assist our clients make the changes necessary to overcome challenges and keep their organizations as productive as possible.

 We are actively discussing and assisting clients with telecommuting and remote office work. Whether you are looking to expand your current capabilities to have staff work remotely or build out these systems for the first time EO can guide you through this process as you crystallize your plans.

 Our clients are adapting to the changing landscape and we are ready to help you with the planning and implementation of a remote work force. Please reach out to your account manager, call our office (828-274-1196) or email to learn more!

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Electronic Office CEO Kemper Brown, Jr. talks cybersecurity on WLOS

Electronic Office CEO, Kemper Brown, Jr. was recently featured on News 13 WLOS for a story highlighting a recent cybersecurity warning from Gov. Roy Cooper due to increased tensions with Iran.

“Iran has a history of attacking U.S. targets,” Electronic Office CEO Kemper Brown Jr. said.

Iran isn’t the only bad actor individuals and organizations should be worrying about.

“Attacks come from all corners of the world and not just the Iranians, and they come quite regularly. Both small organizations, large organizations and individuals really need to be vigilant,” Brown said.

Patching systems for vulnerabilities, thinking before you click on potential suspicious emails, and having a plan if you get attacked are all ways to protect yourself. Electronic Office works with companies local and across the globe to keep them protected and up-to-date on emerging technology and security practices.

For the original story, please visit:

Gov. Roy Cooper’s announcement can be found here:  

Not feeling confident about your organization’s data security?  Don’t wait until it is too late! Contact Electronic Office at 828-274-1196 or to learn how we can protect you and your organization today.

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What are you doing to protect your company against phishing attacks?

What is phishing?

Back in the early days of the internet, Nigerian princes would descend from their throne and send email offers of untold riches, only if you supplied your bank information to them. Of course, it was a scam and most people have since learned to ignore and move on. On the other hand, hackers have also gotten smarter, using more sophisticated methods to attempt to get your information, commonly known today as phishing.

Phishing happens when a malicious person sends an email to try and trick another person into giving them private information, especially financial information. It happens most often through email but also occurs over phone (vishing) and text (smishing). In 2018 alone, the FBI reported over $2.7 billion dollars in losses related to phishing attacks.

How can your company prevent phishing attempts?

Harnessing the power of users and the power of technology is the best way to help the fight against malicious attacks. Train your employees how to recognize phishing emails and encourage your users to report any strange emails before they click. Use technology to your advantage. Set up spam filters, enable multi-factor authentication, keep your systems up to date, install a comprehensive anti-virus program, and enable browser add-ons and extensions that prevent users from clicking on malicious links.

When opening an email, ask questions such as:

  • Do I recognize the sender, and am I expecting an email from this sender? (sometimes senders can be spoofed – so confirm before you click!)
  • Did I receive an email that I normally would get during business hours, but it was sent at an unusual time like 3 a.m.?
  • Are there spelling or grammatical errors? Is the message awkwardly written?
  • Is there an unusual attachment included?
  • If I hover over the link, does the same website show up or is it misspelled? (If the hyperlink looks like somebody mashed the keyboard, open a separate browser and type in the website you need to go to rather than click)
  • Is the message demanding, urgent, or threatening?

When in doubt, always call the company or person directly before giving out any personal information.


Security is every user’s responsibility. When every person is dedicated to keeping security at the forefront, your company can prevent attacks better. Always remember: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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Electronic Office Champions No Barriers Warriors Through Golf Tournament

Operating nationally, with offices in Fort Collins, Colorado and Asheville, NC, nonprofit organization No Barriers USA has a mission to help people contribute their best to the world. Among their many programs, No Barriers Warriors improves the lives of veterans with disabilities from all branches and areas of service through transformative outdoor expeditions.

On August 28, the No Barriers Outdoor Classic at Walnut Cove, coupled with a gala and “Fund-a-Need” the evening before, raised more than $350,000 for the organization, with about $189,000 designated specifically to No Barriers Warriors. As one of the sponsors and participants in this event, Electronic Office was excited to support such a worthy cause.

“We had close to 140 individuals participating in the tournament,” says Lynn Penny, Southeast Region Development Manager for No Barriers USA. “There’s a lot of support here. The southeast is a very big destination for the relocation of veterans.”

No Barriers Warriors is dedicated to transforming the lives of veterans, no matter their disability or combat experience. “People connected with the cause and loved the work being done for veterans. It’s really life-changing for helping veterans transition into civilian life,” says Lynn. “They work directly with women veterans—some with physical disabilities and also internal disabilities, such as PTSD and chronic brain injuries. The program takes veterans on (experiences).” They go on anywhere from five- to twelve-day expeditions.

Brett Yarrington, Electronic Office’s Executive Director of Client Services and participant in the tournament, says, “Our involvement with No Barriers began in 2017 when we were approached by Lynn Penny. She told us all about the incredible things that No Barriers was doing and we were absolutely moved. Hearing and seeing the remarkable work being done by this group is just amazing. We hold our veterans in such a high regard and the programs that No Barriers provides changes the lives of these warriors and touches us all. We are very proud to be a part of this remarkable organization and look forward to supporting their mission.” (Photo above, left to right: Stefan Magura, George Bitter, Brett Yarrington, and Josias de Wet on Electronic Office’s team.)

To learn more about the work of this life-changing organization, visit

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