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We go beyond hardware and software to help enterprises leverage IT to increase productivity.

For large, complex organizations and businesses, communication must flow nonstop across many miles and devices. Wherever they are, members of your team need the technological ability to collaborate, securely access data, and handle day-to-day operations—quickly, on demand, and without interruptions. Systems and services need to run effectively and efficiently. Want to elevate your IT operations? We can help.

Evolving Your Enterprise IT for Success

When it comes to working with immense amounts of data and processes, enterprises like yours require robust tools and processes for success. Reliable and comprehensive IT infrastructure brings ease to the challenge of operating a large enterprise. Since 1981, Electronic Office has provided IT solutions for large businesses in a range of industries, from healthcare to municipalities. No enterprise is too immense or complex for our team to help.

We’ll help optimize your outcomes and follow through on IT strategies. Are you wondering,

  • How can our IT differentiate us from the competition?
  • Are our end-users receiving the support they need?
  • Are we protected from cyber attacks?
  • How do we address current logistical challenges and ensure just-in-time delivery and installation?
  • When/How should we establish a refresh cycle for our hardware?
  • Is our data safe from unauthorized users?
  • How can we get support for our internal IT department?


Secure Your Data & Assets

One of the biggest challenges enterprises face is staying ahead of potential security risks. Cybersecurity breaches and compliance gaps can set your company on a path to catastrophe. In an environment where just one vulnerable device or person can put an entire organization in jeopardy, we work to spot potential dangers and risks before they manifest. Available 24/7/365, our IT SECURITY SERVICES will help safeguard your operation.
In addition to monitoring your system and protecting your devices from attack, we regularly assist CIOs and CISOs with their security planning and objectives. With our accredited, vetted, and insured team, we are able to help improve your current infrastructure and yield measurable results.

We’ll help you leverage your strengths and accelerate your innovations.

Our User-Centric Support

A solid IT strategy accounts for much more than just hardware and software that meet the demands of your business—it’s about supporting people. We focus on the end-user because we value feedback loops and act on input.

You’re hiring us for more than just tech support:

  • Augment your in-house capacity
  • Employ energy reduction tools and techniques to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Keep better track of your devices
  • Optimize core business operations
  • Maximize your team’s efficiency so they get the most out of technology
  • Receive just-in-time deployments when you need them

Utilize our services in an “on-demand” fashion. We’ll build, manage, and evolve your systems, and we’re always around to take your call. We’ll supplement and strengthen your IT department, prioritizing your end-users’ experience and ensuring our technology solutions fit the way you work.

Why Hire Electronic Office?

There’s a reason Electronic Office has been supporting the largest and most sophisticated enterprises in WNC for decades. We stay up to date on trends, techniques, and tools to help you reach your organizational goals. We’re trusted by companies of all sizes for our expertise, integrity, and reliability. No matter the size of your company, we cater our services to whatever you need.

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