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Data Backup

Safeguard Your Business.

Disaster doesn’t always come from the situations for which we can plan. Most think of hacker or cyber-criminal activity as the reason for data protection and business continuity. But a majority of data loss results from accidents. These problems can cost businesses substantially if good backup solutions aren’t in place. And these issues can be even more problematic for organizations in industries that must maintain HIPAA and PCI compliance.

Few business relationships are more deeply steeped than that of a technology advisor and that is why we take our responsibility so seriously.

President and CEO, Electronic Office
 – Kemper Brown,

Many people don’t realize the amount of time and money it might take to restore data. And that’s if the data can be recovered. Yet most businesses are still relying on old, undependable tape drives to back up their data. These outdated systems can expose companies to unnecessary risks of data loss and downtime.

Server Backup

With the EO Backup Management System, your data is there when you need it. We have restored clients’ data in as little as 35 minutes!

Data grows over time, and so should your backup strategies. We give you speed, convenience, and reliability with our automated backup system, which reduce recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs).

Traditional backup tapes or CDs can fail, or even get lost. Our server program continuously backs up your data to a network attached storage (NAS) device located in your office, meaning there are no more gaps between backups.

Our services include:

  • hassle-free local backup for the fastest way to recover files
  • automatic backup of all data and applications. You don’t have to choose which files to back up or buy costly agents for Exchange, SQL, or other open files.
  • full, fast restoration of files that is easy enough to be done by anyone in minutes
  • rapid recovery, thanks to technology that picks up only data that has changed since your last backup
  • extremely high security, with data encrypted at the source, in transit, and in storage using 256-bit AES encryption, with human-friendly encryption keys that you control

Datto® Backup Solution

Traditional backup methods such as tape, disk, and strict NAS devices are no longer sufficient. In fact, leading edge business owners are finding them unacceptable. Technological innovations have set a new solution standard: Intelligent Business Continuity, going beyond data protection; delivering automated assurance, continuous protection, secured storage, and instant recovery.

Datto® is an innovative provider of comprehensive backup, recovery and business continuity solutions used by thousands of managed service providers worldwide. Datto’s 140+ PB purpose-built cloud and family of software and hardware devices provide Total Data Protection everywhere business data lives. Whether your data is on-premise in a physical or virtual server, or in the cloud via SaaS applications, only Datto offers end-to-end recoverability and single-vendor accountability.


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