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IT support shouldn’t monopolize your time or energy, whether you’re an attorney, CPA, wealth manager, insurance agent, architect, engineer, or other professional service provider. Looking out for the best interest of your clients is your top priority. Many people count on you to provide solutions and keep confidential information secure. MANAGED IT SUPPORTservices should help you serve your clients better while making your life easier.

IT Service Management

At Electronic Office, we understand the complexity of computer systems and compliance requirements for a range of industries. With the right skills and experience, we can provide the customized solutions for your particular niche, from legal IT to IT support for accountants. Already have an in-house IT department? Delegate tasks to us. We love offering an extra hand in strategy and implementation. Leave the IT logistics to us so you can focus on meeting your clients’ needs.

Protect Your Business

DATA PROTECTION is one of our top priorities. When data isn’t properly safeguarded, you can lose more than data—you can lose the trust of the people you serve and your good reputation. We can help at any point in the protection process by providing:

  • Defense against breaches
  • Solutions that alert your business to a breach if it occurs
  • Technologies that make IT RECOVERY possible

Even if partial or full recovery is possible, it can be a long and expensive process. We offer anti-phishing training, best-in-class solutions, and ongoing assessments to help you keep your clients’ data safe and maintain compliance. If your data has been encrypted by ransomware attack, it is much easier to restore and recover if you have data protection measures already in place.

24/7 IT Support

During peak tax season, accountants don’t have time to lose access to clients’ files. On the day of a trial, lawyers can’t get locked out of their email accounts. At any given moment in the busy life of a professional, there just isn’t time for technological hiccups. We keep systems up and running and provide access to a 24/7 on-call engineer. We’re happy to lend an additional hand to ensure things run smoothly.

At Electronic Office, we believe in adapting technology that drives your firm forward and doesn’t hold you back. We have a thorough understanding of how professional services firms work and look forward to helping you care for your clients.

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