Education & Nonprofits

From campus-wide wireless solutions to cloud migrations, we provide IT support for schools and nonprofit organizations that increases productivity and efficiency without breaking the budget.

Our proactive solutions can help prevent crises from happening, but if you need emergency support and troubleshooting, our on-call IT technicians will respond quickly. We’re also skilled at long-term planning and consulting, which can help your technology can grow along with you and help you avoid unexpected IT expenses down the road. Teachers, administrators, and nonprofit staff rely on us for hassle-free IT so they can focus on everything else.

Independent Schools

Our team provides robust technical support services for schools. We work directly with teachers and staff to ensure they have the technological tools they need in the classroom, and with school administrators to make sure all systems and data are secure. Together, we can create a manageable tech environment that properly supports instructors, students, and school systems.

Our services for private schools include:

  • Providing best-in-class support for faculty and staff.
  • Creating five- and ten-year tech plans
  • Securing student, parent, and donor records
  • Designing and implementing seamless campus networks
  • Maximizing investment across disparate technologies (e.g., SMART Boards, software, IOT, etc.)
  • CLOUD SOLUTIONS consulting, implementation, and support
  • Assisting with “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) Management

Beyond providing professional IT support for schools’ existing technologies, we can also help educational institutions prepare for the future. New tech solutions are being developed that promise to help students better achieve their learning goals and prepare for their future careers. However, schools can face many pitfalls in adopting new tools too quickly. It’s important to first ensure your IT infrastructure is up to date and sufficiently robust. You must ensure that new technologies will perform correctly and securely–so that they will become assets instead of liabilities. We can help you prepare for, adopt, and scale new technologies across classrooms, departments, schools, or systems.

Nonprofit Organizations

Whether your goal is to streamline back-office functions or connect more often with donors and volunteers, your nonprofit can benefit from a technological tune-up. Spend less time and resources on systems that don’t deliver, and avoid technology disruptions with proper IT MANAGEMENT AND SOLUTIONS from Electronic Office.

We have years of experience assisting nonprofits properly prioritize IT spend for maximum value, so we can help you get the most out of your funding. With your budget in mind, we’ll help your team make informed decisions about your IT investment.

We’ve supported many nonprofits by:

  • Creating five- and ten-year tech plans
  • Making their IT budget predictable
  • Providing best-in-class support
  • Creating refresh cycles to prevent expenses
  • Consulting on the Cloud
  • Deploying telecommunication solutions for mobility and onsite flexibility
  • Supporting volunteers who also use technology

We offer enterprise-grade IT solutions for businesses of all sizes. We’ll bring an array of resources to your team that wouldn’t otherwise be a possibility.

President and CEO
 – Kemper Brown,

Why Choose Electronic Office for IT Support

Electronic Office has a long and distinguished history working with nonprofits and independent schools. In 2018, over 90% of our revenue came from nonprofits. We’ll work within budgetary constraints to help you get dependable IT to help you fulfill your mission. Contact us today!

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